Mit navn er Katrine og jeg er 19 år. Jeg ser mit liv i billeder, så min blog vil være fyldt med dem. Der skal hele tiden ske noget nyt for mig, derfor er jeg ekstremt eventyrlysten.

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Big change

I'm now "a complete different person". Well, not really, cause the only thing that has changed, is my hair. It's a little shorter and a totally different color than before.

Before I dyed my hair, I kind of looked like a ginger, and at last I really hated it. Now it's a really dark color, that I'm not sure if I actually like. I'm very pale right now, because of the fact, that there's no freaking sun outside, so I look a little like an emo.. Boohoo.. 

 Yeah.. It almost looks black in this picture, but it was taken just when I got home from the hairdresser. As you can see on the picture above, it's more like a dark brown now, because I've been taking a lot of showers since the picture was taken.
So, what do you think about it? I will post some newer pictures soon, when I feel like taking some.

11. nov. 2011 @16.30

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