Mit navn er Katrine og jeg er 19 år. Jeg ser mit liv i billeder, så min blog vil være fyldt med dem. Der skal hele tiden ske noget nyt for mig, derfor er jeg ekstremt eventyrlysten.

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Summer 2011





This summer I actually went to a lot of countries. First we visited Holland for about 2 days, where I got to see Amsterdam, and a lot of small towns. Then we went to Bretagne in France, where we had to stay for about 10 days. We stayed at a camping site in a mobile home, so I had my own room, which was awesome! There was a big indoor and outdoor pool with some slides, but the weather was very crappy, so I only went swimming once.. :-(
At out way home, we went to Paris, but it rained so much, that I could barely take pictures, without destroying my camera. But even though the weather wasn't good, I still fell in love with the city! It was beautiful, even with all the rain. My mom promised me, that we could take a plane the Paris some day, and stay there as a holiday, because the weather was that bad, so I'm looking forward to that!:-D
The pictures are some of my favorites from my trip, that why I wanted to show them to you.

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