Mit navn er Katrine og jeg er 19 år. Jeg ser mit liv i billeder, så min blog vil være fyldt med dem. Der skal hele tiden ske noget nyt for mig, derfor er jeg ekstremt eventyrlysten.

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Sugar Skull

Lately I've started to draw again, a thing I haven't been doing seriously for aaages! It's  actually really lovely and relaxing to draw, even though I'm not that good at it yet. I don't really have any techniques or special skills, I just draw whatever comes to my mind, and lately I've been obsessed with sugar skulls, so I thought "why not draw a sugar skull?" and so I did. I kind of like it, even though I didn't wanted the skull itself to be that blue, but well.. it's okay.
Also, some of my new classmates came over today to make a tiger cake for our trip with our class tomorrow, and we had so much fun. I think it's going to be 3 nice years with them!

28. aug. 2011 @20.05

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