Mit navn er Katrine og jeg er 19 år. Jeg ser mit liv i billeder, så min blog vil være fyldt med dem. Der skal hele tiden ske noget nyt for mig, derfor er jeg ekstremt eventyrlysten.

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Is This Normal?

Soo... This is my rabbit Sofus. He's about 4 years old, and lately he's been changing his fur in a very weird way. Yes, he's normally changing fur when the weather is changing drastically, but this year it looks like a lawnmower has mowed his back, it's so hilarious!
I can't really figure out, if he's getting more fur or losing it? Cause as I remember, he was more grey than baige before the "change", but it just seems weird to me, that he's getting more. Well, we'll see :-)

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25. aug. 2011 @18.59

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