Mit navn er Katrine og jeg er 19 år. Jeg ser mit liv i billeder, så min blog vil være fyldt med dem. Der skal hele tiden ske noget nyt for mig, derfor er jeg ekstremt eventyrlysten.

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Every individual in this world is different. Nobody's the same, no matter what, that's what I've learned.
I never jugde another person by the way they look, I jugde them by their actions and personality, and I think it's sad, that so many people in this world are so superficial. Just give people some time and get to know them, before you judge them. 
I've been judged by the way I look, dress and act for the last 4 years, and it's not always fun, but I've learned just let go of the rude comments I sometimes get and think: "Well, they don't like me, but I don't really care about their opinion, this is my life, and I'm living it the way I want to!" And if you're having a hard time, then try to think as positive as possible, it helps a lot!

26. aug. 2011 @20.18

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